jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013


Natürlich Nature!

Sometimes I just met with the natural world

Very lucky so many times I could go into those forgotten and hidden places. This is one of the hiking opportunities. In several travels we had the chance to go outsides of the city and enjoying its native environment.  

This kind of tourism is getting more and more importance, something that worries me. May we have an equal treatment like nature’s of us?  Unfortunately we forgot that we can destroy years and years of a hard tree’s work. What about that can of soda next to a pine which it’s developing an “expansion-project of non-articulated branch water searcher”, even when the typical cigarette on the path complicate the peak hours of the ants’ assembly line. Where is actually the wild world?

I just want to meet with the natural world, one of the moments when I really can retreat within myself.  All of the pictures below were an Earth’s present, I am obligate to you! Let me share you with Non-destroying people.

Plitvička jezera, Croatia.
Plitvička jezera, Croatia

Monte Grouse, Canada.
Icebergs at Baffinbaai, Groenland

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